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RTI`s Co-digester Creator V. 3.0 (beta)

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March 13, 2013.  In conjunction with this year's Global Methane Initiative conference taking place now in Vancouver, RTI is launching our next version of our codigestion creator software, version 3.0.  Biodigestion is the anaerobic decomposition of organic material with methane (biogas) as an output.  Co-digestion is the simultaneous digestion of more than one feedstock in a single digester.  It is a process that seeks to maximize the methane production by balancing the carbon to nitrogen  (C:N) ratio.  Research has shown that a C:N ratio of between 20:1 and 30:1 is ideal.  Other considerations, such as pH, solids content, moisture and mixing are also important.  RTI's Co-digester Creator V. 3.0 addresses these issues in the embedded calculations and helps the user balance the C:N ratio by selecting:

  • Brown wastes (manures) from a variety of animals;
  • Green wastes (vegetable) from listed plant and crop waste; and
  • Food wastes, either the Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) from grease traps, or food scraps

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