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rubber expansion bellows explode by what reasons


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First, determine whether the pressure pipe is too large, general rubber is 1.0MPa pressure rubber joints maximum pressure at 2.0MPa range , you can ensure not burst , but if the pressure is too large , then it should choose a higher- pressure sphere ( 1.6 MPa), 1.6MPa pressure test the range of 3.0MPa. Therefore, the installation should install the designer's requirements, install the appropriate pressure rubber expansion bellows

Second, is the use of poor quality rubber material production and processing of rubber joints ; rubber joints installed outdoors should prevent high temperature , ozone, oil and acid-base environment is strictly prohibited Sai storm , rain , wind cloud . Encounter this situation should be a good rubber material, such as : Neoprene , EPDM, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber formula, using good rubber can be lengthened rubber use of time, but the Rubber Joint innate fear of the sun, pouring, wind , with the wind in the sunny outdoors or pipes should build shade frame .

Third , technical problems ; vulcanizing rubber bellows expansion joints in the most important and critical issue at the interface depends vulcanized rubber joints majority are bursting at the interface at first , because the interface of the process is more complicated , so prone to problems.


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