Rubbish into resource


There are millions if not billions of dollars of reusable materials currently being buried across the globe. The recovery of end of life tyrews ios one of them. Specially relevant if these tyres happen to be OTR ( off the Road) tures and larg as the ones used in construction vehicles and mine sites .

The rubber component in these tyres along with the steel makes it a valuable resource for the manufacture of new green recycleable products for the road construcyion , apving and more recently as tested by the University of NSw and other prominent research institutions the material ( crumbed rubber) due to is volatility is good for blasting thereby saving fuel.

It is also a great and more durable substitute then wood and timber related products for the use in mining posats, railway sleepers when combied with plastics.

We help coimpanies to recover and recycle Rubber from waste tyres ... Green Rubber can assist mining companies and collectors of rubbish to work together to recover Tyres and turn them via technology and new innovation in to economically viable and profitable Green Products..  

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