Rummel Creek, Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) Houston, Texas


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

Though Tropical Storm Francis flooded the project in September of 1998, and water levels were from six to eight feet over the top of the GEOWEB walls, the GEOWEB system retained the infill materials, protecting the banks from erosion and sloughing.

In a park-like residential neighborhood in Houston, the Harris County Flood Control District was seeking an attractive solution for flood control channel maintenance problems. They found a natural and aesthetically pleasing answer by using the GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System to construct drop structures and a channel lining.

The GEOWEB system was used to construct a series of drop structures upstream of the primary project as well as within the project. This view shows more of the drop structure and slope protection details.

HCFCD staff have noted that they are “very pleased with the fact that the system has survived the scouring attack and that it is already evident that vegetation will eventually be fully established within the system to provide a natural looking finish. It is often the case that GEOWEB installations completely disappear behind natural vegetative cover.

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