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Runoff model validation for large–scale afforestation in arid land

As a countermeasure against global warming, large scale afforestation of arid land which is hardly used for crop cultivation has been receiving attention. By large scale afforestation, atmospheric CO2 will be fixed into plants. In arid land, however, most of the rainwater is lost by runoff and evaporation. Effective use of rainwater is required for afforestation. Thus, we made an original runoff model to evaluate water distribution in our research area in Western Australia. In this study, first of all, we tested the effect of the treatment way of the water movement around the watershed, and secondly, the effect of rainfall input method on the numerical estimation results of water level change.

Keywords: large scale afforestation, arid land, runoff models, hydrological modelling, simulation, carbon fixation, environmental engineering, Australia, model validation, global warming, rainwater use, water distribution

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