Runoff projections grasspave2 & gravelpave2/effective imperviousness


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Performing stormwater drainage design is one of the requirements of a site designer. Recent regulations created and enforced by the EPA require new developments to limit the amount of stormwater that flows off of a newly developed site, to be equivalent to or less, than the flow rate prior to development. The site designer must determine how much water is running off the original site, and compare this to the amount of water expected to flow off the newly developed site. Each site must have a drainage plan designed and certified by a Professional Engineer before construction can move forward.

The permeable nature of Porous Pavement is an attractive feature for the site designer because the Porous Pavement reduces the amount of stormwater runoff, and thus, reduces the amount of water that must be managed on-site. Designers often ask how to take the porous pavers Grasspave2 and/or Gravelpave2 into account when determining their runoff values.

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