Rural electrification by palm waste

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Change of Africa from poverty to prosperity

Those will be the happiest who have their own power. Future is for those who have their own power. Let diesel prices go up 10 times. you are not affected if you have your own power. Let electricity become 20 times costly, you are not affected if you have your own power.

Palm waste is the huge source of energy. you can produce lot of power from palm waste. It can provide energy not only for running palm oil mill, but palm waste generated from palm oil processing has huge possibility of providing instant power and electrification to nearby villages. So in fact, palm waste is more valuable than palm oil! We manufacture all necessary machinery for producing power from palm waste. We also manufacture palm fruits stripper which separates palm fruits from palm fruit bunches. Our palm fruit stripper will process 2 tonnes of bunches per hour out of which 77% will be palm fruits and 23% will be empties which will be excellent fuel for our tiny thermal power plants. From 2 tonnes of palm bunches, you will get 460 kg of fuel to be burnt in the biomass boiler. We supply 10 KW power plant which will consume only 25 kg of fuel (palm bunch empties) per hour. So you can run such NINE power houses of 10KW capacity. Each power house can give electricity to 100 homes at least. If you give only two lights to each home, you can cover 300 homes with one power house of 10 KW capacity.

Separating palm fruits from fruit bunches is very difficult and tedious work if done manually. In rural Africa this is done manually. You can do free of cost service to such people to separate palm fruits from bunches to rural people. Reduce their drudgery. People will come to you with palm bunches, you separate palm fruits from it by palm fruit stripper and give back palm fruits to respective farmers. You will retain only empties which will prove to be most valuable fuel for tiny thermal power plant. As I explained, you can run nine power plants from this much fuel. One power plant may be used for running palm fruit stripper. Electricity of 8 power plants can be sold to villages at night and during the day these power plants can run any agro industry such as palm oil mill, maize mill, rice mill, water pumping etc. So every thing is highly profitable and rural wealth will be created in villages simply by one palm fruit stripper. Each power house of 10 KW will cost US$ 10,000 and it will consist of 18 HP steam engine, 10 KW generator and suitable boiler to produce steam.

My steam power plant of 10KW working on palm waste does not include palm oil machinery. However, my power plant includes 18 hp steam engine which can drive oil expeller or any other machine directly connected to driven machine. So you will not require any electric motor.  It has also big boiler to generate steam. So you will not require boiler for process steam. So while purchasing palm oil machinery from Tinytech Plants (Which is also my company managed by my son), you can delete electric motor and process steam boiler.

Once you purchase my steam power plant, you will be independent in energy for palm oil mill. While you supply electricity to rural homes, you have to run generator supplied by us. So during night, you will not run palm oil mill.

So this entire activity will be blessing to village people.

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