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Rural house with swimming pool, Perthshire


Courtesy of Gaia-Wind Ltd.

At this site in Scotland the owner has achieved a high level of energy independence using a mix of renewable energy sources, including a Gaia-Wind turbine.

Average annual wind energy production: 25,000 kWh

At this site in Kinrossie, Perthshire, the owners’ goal was to achieve a high level of energy independence using a mix of renewable energy sources.

Their heating system includes a large well insulated 1000 litre tank which supplies hot water for space heating as well as everyday domestic use. The tank is heated primarily using a ground source heat pump but also incorporates a 6kW 3 phase immersion heater which operates whenever the wind or solar generators have excess capacity. This large tank acts as an energy buffer tank thereby smoothing the intermittent energy contribution of the wind and solar generators.

Renewable energy production
The Gaia-Wind turbine and a PV array primarily produce electrical energy for the house. However in order to minimise export, an intelligent switching device monitors each electrical phase and diverts any surplus electrical generation to the heating system. If the main tank is fully charged the system can also activate a heating element of the swimming pool. As such almost all the energy generated from the wind and sun is used onsite.

The turbine produces around 25,000 kWh annually. During the course of a year, it has produced 3.8 times more energy than a neighbouring turbine.

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