Rxi-624Sil MS Exceptionally Inert, Low Bleed Columns for Volatiles Analysis


Courtesy of Restek Corporation

- Optimized selectivity for volatiles and polar compounds ensures good separations.
- Highly inert columns improve accuracy and allow lower detection limits, even for active compounds.
- Most thermally stable 624 column available; low bleed, fully MS compatible.

While mid polarity 624 columns are widely used for analyzing polar analytes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), not all columns combine the selectivity needed for critical separations with the high inertness and low bleed that can further improve data quality. Whether you are developing methods for residual solvents, analyzing environmental VOCs, or running other applications for volatile organics, you can improve data quality with Rxi -624Sil MS columns. These new columns incorporate a new stationary phase chemistry, unique column deactivation, and optimized manufacturing process that is specifically designed to provide the high inertness and thermal stability needed for greater accuracy and lower detection limits. The unique selectivity, inertness, and thermal stability of the Rxi -624Sil MS column make it ideal for numerous applications, from detecting impurities in pharmaceuticals to monitoring environmental VOCs.

Exceptional Inertness Provides Better Peak Shape, Higher Sensitivity, and More Accurate Data
Column inertness is difficult to achieve, but critical to improving data quality. The deactivation process used for Rxi -624Sil MS columns yields a fully passivated surface that is demonstrably more inert than other 624 columns. Comprehensive deactivation results in higher responses, more symmetrical peaks, and easy, accurate integration, even for active compounds at low levels (Figures 1 and 2). Rxi -624Sil MS columns, with their superior deactivation, provide the inertness needed for improved linearity, greater accuracy, and lower detection limits.

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