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RYDLYME improves efficiency on cooling tower case study


Courtesy of Apex Engineering Products Corporation

A 35-ton cooling tower at a major college had compressors operating at more than 260psi just to maintain a 70°F water temperature due to heavy water scale. RYDLYME was put into the system to dissolve the scaling.

RYDLYME approach

  • 55 gallons circulated for 4 hours via inline pumps and then flushed with water.
  • Cleaning was done while system was in operation!

RYDLYME results

  • Compressors are only operating at 165psi to maintain the 70°F water temperature!
  • RYDLYME is now part of the cooling tower's annual maintenance schedule.
  • Maintenance personnel found additional uses for RYDLYME, including cleaning: steam lines at the cafeteria, humidifier at the fieldhouse and plate and frame heat exchanger.

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