Sacramento State – upgrading sewer to “green”


Courtesy of Containment Solutions, Inc., (CSI)

Tidelands Construction Company installed a new Flowtite Septic Tank on the campus of California State University in Sacramento. This upgraded sewer system was part of a school-wide “green” building initiative. The governing body at one of California’s finest universities began a large-scale “green building” project designed to reduce the school’s harmful effects on the environment as well as minimize the current use of resources. One significant component of this project was a massive upgrade of the sewer system. The University decided on a 33,000 gallon holding tank and pump station. The original sewer system was out of date and not able to meet the increasing demand. The major risk was the inevitable failure of the pump station. A failure of any kind at the station would, in the past, be catastrophic sending the overflow back up the sewer lines. Now the system would force the backup to the Containment Solutions holding tank instead of the grim alternative. The populated campus of Sacramento State posed more than a few installation issues. The

surrounding obstacles included a main campus road, a nearby railroad line and a drainage ditch. The pre-existing pump station and generator were within close proximity as well. As a result, the excavation area was restricted to a small overall construction site. Although plenty of room was available for tank burial, the restrictions made it difficult for the heavy equipment and other installation preparations. The Flowtite septic tank was the best fit for Sacramento State’s needs.

The cylindrical shape, along with Containment Solutions’ ability to manufacture a long yet structurally sound fiberglass tank, enabled Tidelands Construction to lower the tank directly into the excavation site. The 64 foot mammoth tank was installed quickly and easily. And since all Flowtite tanks are manufactured with non-corrosive fiberglass, the sewer upgrade will last for years to come.

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