Safe disposal of exhaust gas from storage tanks in Finland


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®--IPM 6500 and 4 xHOFGAS®- IFM4c 15000
Performance     Blower station 6,500 Nm³/h - Flare burner 4x1,650 Nm³/h / 4x15,000 kW
Client     Neste Jacobs Oy (FI)

Every fortnight a tanker delivers oil from Russia to Finland. The tanker docks at the port of Naantali and the oil is conveyed to storage tanks below ground. Gas is liberated at the same time. This exhaust gas escapes from the tanks into the atmosphere. The operator told himself that this situation was no longer tenable, and set about weighing up solutions. With success. The company Neste Jacobs Oy found Hofstetter the ideal partner for working out an overall solution for safe and environmentally friendly disposal of the exhaust gas charged with volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Technical Requirements

  • Safe disposal of VOC gas
  • Volume throughput 1,000 - 6,500Nm³/h
  • Calorific output 4.5 - 10.4 kW/Nm³
  • High-temperature combustion 900-1200°C
  • Observance of regulations governing explosion hazards

Utilisation of two pumping stations for Zone 0 classified gas: the HOFGAS®- IPM 6500 with 4 HOFGAS®- IFM4c 150000 industrial flares.

Control and flare management are built in separately in a container.

HOFSTETTER’s safety concept 

  • Specially selected resilient materials
  • 3-fold redundancy for Zone 0 classified gas
  • Dynamic flame barrier
  • Safety system against back flame
  • Safety system against detonation
  • UV monitoring of combustion
  • Temperature monitoring of combustion

Client’s Benefits

  • Safe and reliable disposal of storage-tank exhaust gas charged with VOCs
  • High availability of plant
  • Observance of local regulations


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