Safety Manual of The Plugco In Pipe Plugs


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Stay Clear While the Plug Under Pressure!!!

The End User must read and understand this Plugco Safety Manual before using the plug. The failure of a plug for any reason including improper maintenance, installation or use can result in bodily injury, death and/or property damage!


[1.1] Read and understand this Plugco Safety Instruction Manual before using the plug. Use the plug only as shown in the Plugco User Manual which must also be read and understood by the user.

CAUTION!!! The pipe plugs should be used by a trained and experienced team. If your team has not been trained in the proper use, care and application of pipe plugs, DO NOT USE Plugco Plugs. Usage by an untrained team may cause death or serious injuries. Plugco can provide training and supervision for your team.

[1.2] Applying and following proper safety measures are the responsibility of the end-user.

[1.3] Follow and use proper confined space safety rules and equipment during installation and operation of the plug.

[1.4] Follow all applicable safety rules of international and local authorities.

[1.5] Use all required safety equipment including safety glasses, hard hat, hearing protection, protective footwear and all other necessary protective clothing and equipment. Safety equipment and clothing required will depend upon the environment in which the product is used.

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