Safety Monitoring in HF Alkylation Units


Courtesy of Boreal Laser Inc.

How GasFinder works
Boreal Laser’s GasFinder & GasFinder MC are open-path gas detectors that use an integrated transmitter/receiver unit and a remote, passive retro-reflector.

In GasFinder (see below) the transceiver also houses the laser diode, drive electronics, detector module and micro-computer
subsystems. The transceiver unit is contained in an IP65 enclosure and has connectors for power input and data I/O. Laser light is emitted from the transceiver through the atmosphere to the reflector and back. The return light is focused onto a photodiode. A portion of the laser beam is passed through an onboard reference cell to provide a continuous calibration update. These two optical signals are then compared to determine the actual concentration of gas along the optical path. The computed gas concentration is displayed on the back panel of the instrument as well as being transmitted to a computer where the data may be displayed and stored.

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