Saint-Gobain 2012 sustainable development review - case study


Courtesy of IMS Consulting (Europe) Ltd

An interactive and up-to-date review of Saint-Gobain’s progress towards its roadmap targets. 

The client

Saint-Gobain is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of construction materials, with brands such as Jewson, Graham and British Gypsum.

The challenge

For the third consecutive year, IMS Consulting was asked to work with Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland on its Sustainable Development Review. Following the introduction of the company’s Sustainable Development Roadmap in 2011, the aim of this review was to provide a reflection on Saint-Gobain’s achievements and progress over the past year.

What did IMS do?

By undertaking stakeholder engagement and producing a materiality matrix, IMS Consulting helped Saint-Gobain to identify the key critical success factors to be reported on. These focus areas are presented alongside Saint-Gobain’s roadmap, which means progress can be measured against specified targets. To make the Review more accessible and transparent, IMS Consulting has also delivered a Sustainable Development online hub for Saint-Gobain, which mirrors the Review content and links this to the company’s roadmap.

What was the outcome?

Its online delivery transforms the Review from a static document to an interactive, transparent and up-to-date report on Saint-Gobain’s progress towards its sustainability commitments. The hub combines reporting information with regularly updated case studies and news feed function, ensuring that it stays relevant throughout the year. Live feeds of additional information are also built into the hub, including social media channels such as Twitter, Flickr photos and YouTube.

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