Salmon Processor 2


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

This facility generates 5,000 gallons of 4-6% solids sludge from their DAF using Floccin 1105. In addition, there are 24 bins per day (about 1 cubic yard each or 250 gallons) of nonedibles defined as off spec materials, cooking oil, batter, hot dogs, and chicken parts. Currently, 13 loads are transported for disposal to offsite disposal facilities that have hauling as well as tipping fees. In an effort to reduce cost through reduced hauloff weight and volume, a sludge dewatering test was performed onsite using a Andritz D3 tricanter centrifuge. The goal of the test was to reduce the sludge volume by a 4:1 ratio.
DAF Sludge

The dewatering of the DAF sludge (5.1% solids) was performed at 10 gpm flow to the centrifuge with no additional polymer added. The centrate suspended solids going back to the Equalization Tank was 500 ppm, the % solids of the sludge cake was 39.3%, therefore the capture efficiency of the centrifuge by weight of solids removed was 98.5%.

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