Sample extraction kit user’s guide


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Intended Use

This extraction kit is for use with the appropriate immunoassay test kit. Each Sample Extraction kit contains the materials necessary to process twelve (12) soil or wipe samples.

Test Principles

The reagents contained in the Sample Extraction kit have been optimized for fast, efficient removal of compounds from soil or surfaces and convenient preparation of the sample for immunoassay testing at levels of interest to the investigator. The system allows for reliable, convenient and cost effective determinations at the field testing or remediation site.

Performance Characteristics


  • Treat potentially contaminated samples as hazardous materials.
  • Use gloves, proper protective clothing, and methods to contain and handle hazardous material where appropriate.
  • Store all kit components at ambient temperature (18°C to 27°C or 64°F to 81°F).
  • Do not mix reagents from kits of different lot numbers.
  • When testing soil samples, samples obtained from areas adjacent to standing water, surface soils collected during or immediately after rain or snow, or any soils with relatively high amounts of water (> 30% by weight) should be dried prior to extraction. Contact technical service for recommended methods.
  • Adequate sample number and distribution are the responsibility of the analyst.
  • Do not dilute or adulterate test reagents; this may give inaccurate results.
  • Cloudy or dark sample extracts may indicate the presence of interference in your sample.

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