Fritsch Milling and Sizing

Sample Preparation for Refuse Derived Fuels

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Courtesy of Fritsch Milling and Sizing

Plastic, wood and shredded waste, are in times of rising crude oil prices very interesting additions to the classic fuels. Especially in the cement industry, the energy rich fractions from conditioning processes are readily burned along. Important here is the analytical evaluation of the materials. Refuse derived fuels: Plastic, wood and shredded waste: Here are some examples of more or less well sorted fractions. Here the spectrum spans blends like can be seen here: pure plastic waste or even wood.

Common for all of them: they are energetic interesting additions during thermal processes. The most important parameter is therefore the heating value for example determined according to DIN 51900 “testing of solid and liquid fuels” and “determination of the heating values”. Very disturbing for the incineration plant is the chlorine content, for example determined according to DIN 51727 „testing of solid fuels” and “determination of the chlorine content” Depending on the source and composition of the secondary fuels, additional parameters are to be analyzed, like for example loss due to burning according to DIN 38414-S3, BTEX according DIN 38407-F9, PAK according DIN 13877, PCB according DIN 38414-S20 or also even heavy metals.