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Sample preparation for the analysis of matured timber

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The matured timber statute dedicates itself with the utilization and application of matured timber. A perfect assistant for the sample preparation are the FRITSCH Cutting Mills. 

It especially includes rules concerning analysis for the examination of matured timber in regards to heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium etc.), arsenic, as well as PCP and PCB (pentachlorophenol and polychlorinated biphenyl). For the sample preparation (after a suitable sampling) a composite sample of 500 g is needed. This is divided into two subspecimens. After drying, the sample is reduced with the FRITSCH Universal Cutting Mill  PULVERISETTE 19 or with the FRITSCH Power Cutting Mill  PULVERISETTE 25, down to < 2 mm. The obtained homogenous sample is perforated with aqua regia and then with ICP-OES or AAS analyzed.

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