San Alfonso del Mar, Chili case study

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Crystal Lagoons Corp. and Technology

San Alfonso del Mar seawater swimming pool is the largest swimming pool of the world made by Crystal Lagoons Corp. ( It is 1.013 metres (3.324 ft) long, contains 250 million litres of water and has a surface area of 8 hectares (19,77 acre), it was completed in December 2006. This lagoon is equivalent to 6.000 standard-size (8-meters (27 ft.) long) swimming pools. It holds the 2007 Guinness World Book of Record, for the largest swimming pool of the world.

Crystal lagoons’ technology is environment- tally friendly and its water complies with the strict health and chemical regulation; making it suitable for bathing and water sports. The patent process utilizes a low-energy filtration system and uses a pulsed-based disinfection method which requires up to 100 times less chemical products then used in traditional swimming pools.

Fernando Fischmann Crystal Lagoons Corp.’s Chairman.

This pool is the mastermind of Fernando Fischmann, a biochemist and Chilean Real estate developer. He imagined this pool back in 1997 when he planned San Alfonso del Mar Resort. The seashores in Chile are notorious dangerous due to rough tides and strong rift currents. To make his dream possible, he needed a new way to build and maintain swimming pools. By unimaginable hard working, perseverance believe in his ideas and concept, and by using his biochemist expertise, he succeeded.Together with his team, he developed a technology that reduces both the building and maintenance’ costs of this humongous lagoon and to keep it crystal clear.

LG Sonic systems, custom made for Crystal Lagoons Corp.

After San Alfonso del Mar was made, many visitors were attracted to this lagoon. It was a great success, but, Crystal Lagoons Corp. was not completely satisfied yet. Crystal Lagoons Corp. wanted to still fine-tune the system’s water quality and clarity. They needed a system that could control the amount of algae and helps improve the water clarity in an environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective manner.LG Sound ( manufactured custom made LG Sonic systems with the specifications of Crystal Lagoons and the compatibility with the Crystal Lagoons unique technology.This LG Sonic system was build in such a manner that a synergistic water treatment effect is also induced when combining this with the patented water treatment system of Crystal Lagoons Corp. After two years of research, Crystal Lagoons Corp. installed 13 LG Sonic systems custom made for Crystal Lagoons Corp. in the San Alfonso del Mar Lagoon. Crystal Lagoons is very satisfied with the results.Projects of similar and larger dimensions are now in different stages of development.

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