Sand & Gravel Industry Wastewater Treatment

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Sand & Gravel Industry Wastewater Test

Floccin™ 909 Wastewater Treatability Test

The wastewater sample that was received from the facility was at a pH of 6. The sample was jar tested with the Floccin™ 909, mixed for 3 minutes and it treated easily with a dosage of 0.3 grams/1,000 ml which equates to a dosage of 2.5 lbs/1,000 gallons.

The solids in the treated water beaker settled in 30 seconds. The facility uses 1,000 gpm in a closed loop to wash the crushed rock to wash off the sand and dust and would like to obtain cleaner wash water to eliminate the dusting when the finished rock is loaded, transported and dumped at the customer’s site.

For this flow, the usage rate is 2.5 lb/minute or 150 lbs/hour. The treated water had very low turbidity with a suspended solids less than 10 ppm. The results are shown in the photos below:

Sand & Gravel Industry Wastewater Treatability Test Before & After Treatment


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