Sandridge energy discovers major risk, time and cost reductions with flexible EH&S compliance solution


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SandRidge Energy, a publicly-traded oil and natural gas company operating in the western United States, has been extraordinarily successful in its various exploration, development and production activities. As a result, Stuart Wittenbach, Director of EH&S for SandRidge Energy, needed to track and verify regulatory compliance tasks for more than 3,000 oil and gas leases AND manage all training records for more than 2,500 employees. To position the company for continued growth, however, he also needed to reduce the amount of time that was being spent capturing and managing data through a multitude of spreadsheets and applications. In short, the EH&S Department needed to do more with less.

Mr. Wittenbach began by asking Ms. Sandra Wagoner, Senior Systems Analyst at SandRidge Energy, for options. They agreed that they needed to find a way to reduce the number of IT applications and vendors in use at their company while also improving data integrity and adhering to a corporate mandate to standardize on the Microsoft platform. After carefully reviewing multiple vendors and systems, SandRidge Energy selected ESS.

ESS' sustainability software was chosen for its ease of use and powerful functionality as well as its scalability, which will allow SandRidge Energy to invest gradually in the software as the company and its needs continue to grow. SandRidge Energy uses both of ESS' major product lines – Essential Suite® and Compliance Suite®.

'We heard about ESS from one of our exploration service contractors, who strongly recommended it. We saw how powerful and user-friendly ESS software is and thought it was a good fit for us. Other vendors didn't offer a modular format like ESS. ESS gave us the flexibility to get exactly the solution we need now and add more features and functions at a later date – rather than having to invest in everything up front,' said Ms. Wagoner.

'We got excited when we saw the contractor using ESS software on our project. Watching ESS software in action in a real-world environment helped our team see the value right away,' reported Mr. Wittenbach. 'ESS immediately delivered major efficiencies to SandRidge Energy due to the simplicity and power of its functionality.'

Companies around the world employ ESS software to leverage their resources and gain a competitive edge. SandRidge Energy is using its ESS system to track tasks, training, compliance and more when they do lease inspections, reviews or audits. Sandridge's staff previously used spreadsheets to track the EH&S information for the leases they manage. The manual tracking process was slow and difficult, sometimes requiring up to half of the team to be out in the field gathering and organizing the data.

'The time savings alone justified the purchase of the software. It's a great tool for the team that will pay dividends both now and down the road,' said Mr. Wittenbach. 'We saved 30-50% overall of the time we previously spent on management and reporting of EH&S data. The more people using the software and entering information directly into it, the better the data quality will be for SandRidge Energy.'

By selecting ESS, SandRidge Energy minimized the number of vendors and support contracts it has to manage, simplifying oversight and lowering associated IT costs. Demands on the company's IT team are reduced because there are fewer vendors to coordinate and fewer service or support contracts to track. If an issue does arise or some custom modifications are needed, the IT team is no longer forced to call two or three companies for answers or support.

The new centralized ESS system has also strengthened task tracking and accountability at SandRidge Energy. It provides automated reminders to the company's EH&S team, keeping them abreast of all data collection and reporting tasks and confirming that each task is closed out correctly. By supporting SandRidge Energy's existing priority network, ESS software allows the EH&S team to ensure that the highest priorities are handled immediately, which reduces their risks and increases security.

'ESS software has reduced the complexity of some of our EH&S compliance management work processes. We can see exactly what needs to be handled, who needs to address it by when and if it was completed,' reported Mr. Wittenbach. 'Trying to get things consolidated was our biggest hurdle to be resolved and ESS software helped complete this task.'

'Going with ESS here at SandRidge Energy just made common sense,' Mr. Wittenbach concluded. 'ESS software has saved SandRidge SO much time. It used to take us anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days to try to answer an inquiry. Now it takes 5 minutes or less to track down the answer and we're more confident in the results. The time and money savings are huge. This system is going to give our company a sustainable efficiency advantage.'

The Challenge

  • Improve ability to assure compliance with multiple regulatory mandates
  • Reduce time and cost required for data collection, entry and reporting
  • Reduce potential risk to data integrity from duplicate data entry/QC issues
  • Standardize EH&S systems according to corporate IT guidelines

The Solution

Essential Suite® including

  • Essential Task Manager™
  • Essential Performance Manager™

Compliance Suite® including

  • Training Management™
  • Safety Management™
  • Liability Claims Management™

The Results

  • Mitigated risks for 3000+ leases with automated compliance/task tracking
  • Managed training program and records for 2500+ employees
  • Reduced data inquiry search from up to 2 days down to 5 minutes or less – potential time savings up to 99%
  • Saved 30-50% overall of time spent on EH&S management and reporting
  • Minimized IT/administrative costs by working with single vendor
  • Fulfilled IT mandate for Microsoft platform

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