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Sanitary Butterfly Valve Advantages and Polishing Performance

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Sanitary butterfly valve uses a standard electronic polishing, with a smooth surface to ensure clean. It has no media accumulation area, and will not produce potential pollution. Its opening and maintenance is fast and easy, and the process downtime is shortened. Sanitary butterfly valve is widely used in such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clean steam, alcohol, beverages, biochemical industry.


Sanitary butterfly valve has the following advantages:

(1) Quick and easy opening and closing with little effort. Possess Small fluid resistance.

(2) Simple structure in small size with light weight.

(3) Able to transport mud and accumulate the least amount of liquid in the pipe port.

(4) A good seal can also be achieved at low pressure.

(5) Its regulation performance is good.


At present, many industries require the sanitary stainless steel butterfly valve to be polished. Factors affecting the sanitary butterfly valve polishing performance are:

(1) Raw material surface defects, such as scratches, pitting, pickling and so on.

(2) Sanitary valves raw material has problems. If hardness is too low, it is not easy to polish when bright.

(3) After deep drawn products, the surface of the area with great deformation will also have small black spots, which will affect the polishing performance.

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