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Sanitary Butterfly Valve Principle of Work

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Sanitary butterfly valve is a type of pipeline fitting in which the locking or adjusting element has the shape of a disc that rotates around an axis that is perpendicular to or at an angle to the working fluid flow direction. Also, these devices are also called turning shutters, airtight valves, and damp valves. The disk shutter can be used to control the flow of liquid, gas or loose materials.

Sanitary Butterfly Valves with Flange Ends, Pneumatic Operation

Often, such fittings are used for large pipeline diameters, small pressures on the working medium, and reduced requirements for the tightness of the working body, mainly as shut-off valves. In the disk gate locking element associated with the shaft end is printed out and which is combined shaft motor drive that controls the position of the disc. When the shutter is closed, the disc completely stops the fluid flow. If the shutter is fully open, the disc is positioned parallel to the flow direction. In this position, it also causes a drop in pressure, because the part of the intersection of the pipe, unlike the latch, still covers the disk. The sanitary butterfly valve may also work in a partially open position.

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