SaniTEE: an ideal septic tank wastewater screen

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Courtesy of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

SaniTEE is an effluent wastewater screen (commonly known as an effluent filter) that reduces the gross suspended solids discharged in septic tank effluent. This helps extend the lives of drain fields, reduces clogging of orifices in effluent disposal systems, and allows use of non-solids handling effluent pumps. It is shown in Figure 1.

It fits inside a standard septic tank outlet tee by dropping in place something like a pistol fits in a holster, as shown in Figure 2. It is pictured in a single compartment tank but it fits just as well in a two-compartment tank.

Effluent from the clear space between the sludge and scum layers enters the side of SaniTEE, passing through the slots. Then the clarified effluent travels up through the inside of SaniTEE, and out through the keyhole weirs to discharge via the standard outlet tee piping. Gross solids can not leave the tank by the usual path, through the septic tank outlet tee, because the solids exclusion ring blocks the annular space within the outlet tee.

SaniTEE works in three ways to improve the quality of effluent: (1) the slots are 1/16-inch wide and do not allow solids larger than that to pass, (2) the keyhole weirs provide flow attenuation to dampen surge flows that otherwise would scour solids out of the septic tank with the effluent, and (3) flow enters SaniTEE from the side, not the bottom, so the escape of gas-lifted solids is reduced.

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