SAP (Superabsorbent Polymers) - case study


Courtesy of AVA GmbH u. Co. KG

Superabsorbers (SAP, superabsorbent polymers) are plastics, which are able to absorb 1000 times their own weight in liquid.

The main areas of application are baby nappies as well as products for female hygiene and incontinence care. The task for AVA was to improve the existing SAP product quality, to increase the throughput of the overall plant, and to enable several process stages to be undertaken in one machine.

Due to the changeover from batch operation to continuous operation with AVA mixers of type HTK, the throughput capacity of the production plant could be increased by more than 50%. Turbulent mixing with the adjustable AVA paddles enabled the addition into and dispersing of liquid additives in the AVA mixer. The upstream process stage for moistening the SAP powder was thereby saved.

Thanks to this increase of capacity, the existing plant could be used by our customer to considerably reduce production costs, without having to replace the complete plant technology.

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