Sappi Enstra Paper Mill, Gauteng, South Africa - Case Study


Courtesy of BBR Filtration Limited

Sappi Enstra Mill is situated in Gauteng near the town of Springs in South Africa. The mill celebrated its 76th anniversary in 2012 having been established in 1936, producing its first paper in 1938. Enstra produces office paper, security paper and packaging paper products of superior quality for use in different industries.

Case Study

  • In 2008, BBR Filtration carried out high temperature tests on the main stack, 40 metres high, taking 1500m 37hr @95°C from the stack and passing through the pilot plant bio filter at 80-90°C removing all odours without condensing the vapour.
  • Enstra leased the BBR pilot plant for just under a year to prevent any further investigations from the Environment Agency.

Case Study

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