SAS drilling mud cleaning products


Courtesy of SAS Environmental Services Ltd.

Effective & fast mud cleaning for the oilfield. SAS microemulsion drilling mud cleaning products speed up the cleaning and removal of drilling mud waste. The cleaning of drilling mud residues from mud pits, offshore supply vessels and mud trucks is traditionally a time consuming task.

Using high pressure water or standard cleaning detergents usually results in large volumes of mud slop waste. The transport, treatment and disposal of this waste causes many problems for cleaning contractors, waste management companies and service companies.

The unique SAS Chemistry quickly breaks down the mud cake and the resulting low viscous slurry is easily removed from the tank.

The unique properties of our products then allow for simple and straightforward separation of the waste in clean solids, re-usable water or cleaning fluid and recovered oil that is recyclable in the mud system.

SAS products have been used around the world since 2000 in oilfield cleaning applications such as mud pits, wellbore cleanup, supply vessels and mud trucks.

SAS Products Tested

The SAS products remove 90%+ of drilling mud within the first 5 minutes of contact compared to 20% mud removal using a competing oilfield mud cleaner.

All mud is removed within a 10 minute period contact time using the SAS product

This test uses no mechanical pressure or power washing.

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