SAS Wellbore Cleanup - UK North Sea


Courtesy of SAS Environmental Services Ltd.

The SAS102C microemulsion wellbore cleanup product was used by a service company to carry out the completion on a well in the UK North Sea on behalf of a major operator.

The goal was to successfully complete the well using the SAS102C while showing the simplified chemical train would be effective. In addition the use of the SAS102C should result in significant waste reduction compared to standard detergent and solvent completions.

The results of the project showed that the SAS102C was very effective in cleaning the well. The returns were below 40 ppm oil and free from suspended solids 62% faster than compared to previous completions using standard detergents/ solvents.

The microemulsion allowed for quick and easy settling of the solids and these were separated for disposal. The returns were then shipped to shore to evaluate the waste minimization achievements.

Of the 917 bbl returns shipped back to shore only 184 bbl required disposal. The bulk of the water was below 40ppm and safe for discharge.

The total waste reduction of the SAS102C completion then was 92% compared to previous completions using standard detergents/solvents.

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