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Save time and space with a B3 vertical baler in your backroom - Case Study


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Marshal Wallets saved significant time and space by installing a B3 vertical baler from Bramidan in their warehouse. They no longer need to fold and stack empty cardboard boxes and walk it to the dumpster outside.

In the past Marshal Wallets and Belts - a wholesale distributor of leather products - shared a dumpster with their neighbor company, incurring ongoing costs without getting any value for the material they processed. Handling waste was very time consuming as their cardboard boxes first had to be folded and stacked up in one place, and then moved to a dumpster outside. “Since we have so many boxes, this became a huge time waste” notes Piyush Goyal, owner of Marshal Wallets and Belts. By baling their waste material at its source they were able to reduce time significantly, while freeing up additional room for item storage.

A small footprint baler freed up space and time

In October Marshal Wallets, who operates in the greater Miami area in Florida, installed a B3 stockroom baler from Bramidan. Immediately, there was more room in the backroom, as material could be processed right away, eliminating the need to stack the boxes. Marshal Wallets efficiently increased their storage capacity by installing a vertical baler from Bramidan. MW’s employees could now handle their waste material at its source, thereby saving the staff the trip to the back to fill the dumpster, as noted by Piyush Goyal “Huge savings come from reducing the time wasted in moving boxes from our warehouse to the dumpster.” In short, the stockroom baler allowed MW to easily and efficiently get rid of all their empty cardboard boxes at one time.

High safety standards a necessity

As many members of the staff were using the baler, it was important that the baler was easy and safe to use. 'Safety is a huge concern for us, when we have multiple people working in our warehouse. Maintaining a safe environment through the warehouse setup and equipment is crucial in preventing any safety hazards. Our baler assures that our employees can operate it in a safe manner without risking any injury', notes Piyush Goyal.

Bramidan B3 - easy to install

Choosing a Bramidan baler was an easy choice for Marshal Wallets; “We noticed positive reviews and saw some great videos online showing the ease at which this particular baler worked.” The B3 vertical baler runs on single phase power outlets, making it very simple to install anywhere near a standard power outlet.

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