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Save Time, Money, and the Environment with TenCate’s Geotube Dewatering and Shoreline Protection Products - Case Study


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Innovative Solutions in Dewatering and Shoreline Protection Projects SetTenCate Apart from Competition.

As the world's leading provider of woven and non-woven geosynthetics and industrial fabrics, TenCate's' Geotubetechnology has been used to deliver high performance solutions around the globe in more than 50 countries. From proprietary software programs that assist with design and estimation for each project to exceptional product features, Geotube2 technology is an innovative solution that also minimizes damage to the environment.

Unique Capabilities & Support

TenCate offers support for Geotube projects with four proprietary software programs. These programs provide preliminary output data to ensure proper groundwork for dewatering and shoreline protection projects. Contact any one of our experienced Geotube Market Managers in the U.S., Europe, or Asia to assist you with your project.

The Geotube Estimator is designed to take known volume or known flow input values of a particular slurry type and calculate the number of lineal feet of Geotube containers required, by circumference, to dewater the material to an identified solids level. Dewatered volumes, number of pumping days, and dry tons are also part of the output.

The Geotube Simulator1 creates a scale dimensional cross section image for any given Geotube circumference and height. The program also analyzes the volume for this cross section as well as the maximum stresses on a variety of Geotube2 engineered textile and seams for any defined slurry fill material for both emerged and submerged conditions.

The Geotube Illustrator takes a defined footprint and combines it with the volume of material to be dewatered. It then calculates the number of Geotube units, number of stacked layers, quantity of filtration fabric, and impermeable liner material required to complete the project.

The Geotube Stacking Analyzer identifies the maximum stresses on the Geotube units at the critical locations for a variety of the stacking alternatives. This output is based on Geotube dimensions and the number of stacked layers for any given type of slurry fill material.

In-depth, convenient, and cost saving, these proprietary software programs insure that each and every Geotube project is successful for the customer.

Superior Products & Advanced Technologies

TenCate1 develops and produces materials that function to increase performance, reduce cost, and deliver measurable results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions.

The company has the financial resources to make the technological investments necessary to meet market needs long into the future. With a vertical manufacturing approach, TenCate is able to control all aspects of product quality throughout the entire Geotube manufacturing process. Since 1991, over 2,000 dewatering projects have used Geotube units and 600 miles of Geotube units have been produced for shoreline protection efforts around the world. All of our facilities are IS0-9001-2000 certified, and our laboratories are the only A2LA and GRI-LAP certified labs within the geotextile industry. This means that our products meet high quality standards.

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