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Saving on compliance

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Alcoa Inc.’s Tennessee Operations, located in Alcoa, Tenn., manufactures aluminum can sheet materials.  The facility is subject to the federal Title V operating permit program because of its many air emission sources.  Prior to the operating permit program, air module software (Essential Air, part of ESS' Essential Suite) was used to perform annual emission estimates at the facility. However, the permit required compliance to be certified at least semiannually on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, in contrast to paying emission fees on an allowable basis as the facility had in the past, an accurate system of estimating actual emissions was needed to meet relevant requirements of the Title V operating permits for the facility.

After reviewing the 10 Title V permits issued by the control authority, it was determined that approximately 300 pieces of production-related data would be needed daily to demonstrate compliance. To make this a manageable requirement, the facility decided to utilize existing shop data systems and software to automate the processing of production data to perform compliance determinations on a daily basis.

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