Case study - Saving Time, Money And The Environment Through Chemistry


Since 1990, KEM-TRON Technologies Inc. (KEM-TRON) has been providing sophisticated solids control and dewatering products to customers around the world. In doing so, KEM-TRON has developed a unique set of core competencies that have made us a service leader in separation technology. By combining expertise in both dewatering polymers and solid/liquid separation technologies, KEM-TRON has developed an organization capable of providing complex chemically- enhanced mechanical separation solutions.

In an effort to further demonstrate the importance of chemistry in solid/liquid separation technology, KEM-TRON recently completed a sophisticated field trial that demonstrated the benefits of chemically-enhanced mechanical separation. This case study highlights KEM-TRON’s success in formulating a hybrid drilling fluid that exhibited formation-appropriate drilling properties, while providing ultra-fine solids removal from the drilling fluid. This ultimately led to improved rate of penetration and a 100% closed- loop waste management system; therefore saving time, money and the environment.

For several years, Parker Lane Directional Drilling (“Parker Lane”) has been working throughout the North- Central Texas area, known as the Barnett Shale Region, using a variety of horizontal directional drilling (“HDD”) rigs. KEM-TRON’s recent effort with Parker Lane involved their larger rigs (i.e. one “330x500” and two “100x120” rigs) operating on a single job installing gas transmission lines for XTO Energy. Due to their extensive knowledge of the region, as well as their hands-on approach, Parker Lane was a logical partner.

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