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SAWA Project - HEA ,Watershap Hunze en Aa’s. Water storage combined with economic development.

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In the project 'Blue City' in the Provence of Groningen in The Netherlands, a new recreational lake of 800 ha has been created in 2006. The lake has a good water quality and creates an economic impulse for the poor region. In the lake an extra peak storage of 4 million m³ water is possible. This will happen once in 30 years. To avoid conflicts between WFD and FD the nutrient rich storage water will be discharged as soon as possible and close to the inlet point. In this way only the southern part of the lake is affected. In this part the least problems with water quality are expected as it has a nutrient poor sandy bottom.

The project

The project appraoch
A big problem for realizing measures to reduce flood risk is often the high costs and the high space claim of the measures. To solve this problem in a densely populated country as the Netherlands the policy is to look for combinations of functions. In the case of the project “Blue City” (Blauwe Stad) water recreation and water storage are combined. This combination is at the same time an extra quality for the region that creates a socio-economic development.

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