SBR system treats remote Hydro-Québec worker

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By favouring hydroelectricity, a source of renewable energy, Hydro-Québec meets the needs of the present, while making sure it preserves Québec’s environmental heritage and the energy supply of future generations.

The La Romaine hydropower complex is the largest infrastructure project underway in Canada. Located about 55 km from Havre-Saint-Pierre, over 2,000 workers are living on the premises. Accommodations comprise dormitories, offices, cafeterias, leisure centre, bar and a convenience store. To be in sync with its sustainable development vision, Hydro-Québec had to ensure optimal treatment of the wastewater produced by its camp to comply with stringent discharge standards.

Moreover, the wastewater treatment equipment had to be demobilized after use. Hydro-Québec decided to choose a wastewater treatment system that could both achieve the treatment performance required and offer a transitional and temporary structure option in order to preserve the natural environment.

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