Scale-up of the MIEX® DOC Process for Full Scale Water Treatment Plants

The MIEX® DOC Process is a new process developed by Orica Watercare, South Australian Water Corporation and the CSIRO for the removal of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from drinking water. Results from scale up of the process to a 170m3/day pilot plant have been reported previously (Nguyen, 1997).

The process has now been successfully scaled up and trialed on a 1000m3/day pilot plant located at the Wanneroo Ground Water Treatment Plant in Perth, Western Australia. The results from this trial confirm that the MIEX® DOC Process is very effective at removing dissolved organic carbon from water supplies and this has now been demonstrated on a plant that can be scaled up for large water treatment plants. Furthermore, significant interest has been shown in this Australian developed process by North American Water Utilities and consultants, in search of enhanced DOC removal technologies to meet tightening US disinfection byproduct standards.

This paper discusses the results from trials conducted during 1997/98 at the Wanneroo GWTP and compares the cost effectiveness of the MIEX® DOC Process with ozone/BAC. The results show that greater than 75% FOC and 90% NSRS removal could be consistently achieved when the MIEX® DOC Process was used in conjunction with alum coagulation. The THM formation potential of the water was also reduced by 85%. These removal rates were significantly greater than those achieved with conventional treatment. Using the MIEX® DOC Process for pretreatment, downstream alum doses were reduced by 70%, which would significantly reduce the volume of chemical sludge generated. This trial also demonstrated that the MIEX® resin could be used for at least 550 cycles without any mechanical damage to the resin or fall off in adsorption performance while treating a particularly complex water.

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