Scalewatcher reduces car wash salt useage from 700lbs a week to 500lbs a year

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The Star Car Wash in Trussville, Alabama has dramatically reduced the amount of salt used in its water softeners from around 700 pounds per week to a diminutive 500 pounds per year following the installation of the computerized, electronic, water-conditioner Scalewatcher® from Scalewatcher North America. This has not only saved the company thousands of dollars a year in salt but also provided a short-term payback on the unit.


Hard water is high in minerals, especially calcium and magnesium.  Trussville’s water comes from underground aquifers and contains high levels of calcium and magnesium making it moderately hard.  It is this calcium and magnesium that create problems and when heated, these minerals precipitate out of water and encrust themselves onto water-fed appliances as “scale” or mineral deposits. 


“I installed a Scalewatcher unit through Water Processing & Well Supply Limited and within a matter of weeks I was able to cut the salt usage to a minimum”, said Lee Wilson, Owner of the Star Cash Wash in Trussville.  “Not only has the Scalewatcher saved me over $3000 a year in salt it has also cleared the build-up in the lines.  I thoroughly recommend it.”


All car washes, including conveyor or rollover; high-pressure touchless automatics and self-serve bays, use water as the primary means of removing the dirt, road grime, salt, and snow off the surface of the vehicle during the wash process.  Water softeners are the mainstay in the wash industry, providing a means of removing the hard mineral deposits that prevent soap from working efficiently. Water softeners are utilized to overcome the calcium carbonate that is the primary component of water hardness.

However, in many States now, including Southern California, municipalities and water departments are severely limiting, and in some cases prohibiting, the use of salt-regenerating water softeners due to concern regarding the increased levels of salt in ground water. The award-winning Scalewatcher system not only helps car washes meet these regulations by minimizing salt usage but also saves money on salt purchase and has the additional benefit of removing scale from lines and nozzles.

Scalewatcher models are based on continuous research and over 20 years experience and expertise as market leaders in electronic scale control with countless units sold worldwide.  The patented Scalewatcher systems start at $248.00 USD and are capable of treating pipe sizes from one to 80 inches. All Scalewatcher systems come with a full performance guarantee and include free shipping throughout North America

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