Scalewatcher Removes Scale from Baptistery

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Courtesy of Scalewatcher North America Inc.

The Church of Christ in Shiner, Texas is no longer experiencing scale build up on its baptistery immersion tank following the installation of the computerized, electronic, water-conditioner Scalewatcher from Scalewatcher North America. The Scalewatcher system has also improved the clarity of the water, enhanced the operation of the heater and drastically reduced the amount of chlorine required.

Situated in a hard water area with a total hardness factor of 130ppm, a calcium hardness of 100ppm and a total alkalinity of 400ppm, the sidewalls of the baptistery tank at the Church of Christ had developed a build up of hard scale. Looking for a solution to the problem the Reverend Larry Thornhill decided to buy a Scalewatcher 3 star unit from California based Scalewatcher dealer, Aqua Genesis.

“I received the ScaleWatcher 3 star unit in April 2012 and installed it onto a one inch pipe leading into the baptistery. Water volume was approximately 750 gallons and the system included a pump, heater, and filter”, said Reverend Thornhill. “The sidewalls of the baptistery had considerable scale build up but after six weeks I started using a 6-inch synthetic scraper that would not mar the finish. I would wipe over all scale deposits lightly and I could see scale particles drifting to the bottom.? Now 4 months after the installation the majority of scale is gone, the amount of chlorine used is next to none, the water is clearer and the heater operates more efficiently”.

Such has been the success of the Scalewatcher system that the Reverend Thornhill has now recommended it to other churches in the area and is actually become a dealer for the Scalewatcher systems.

The environmentally friendly Scalewatcher provides a permanent solution to hard water problems without the need of chemicals, salt or maintenance. It works by producing a varying electronically applied force field, induced by a coil wrapped around the outside of the pipework, which keeps the minerals in suspension and thus prevents limescale forming. The water’s increased solubility enables it to dissolve existing scale which is gradually flushed away.

Scalewatcher models are based on continuous research and over 20 years experience and expertise as market leaders in electronic scale control with countless units sold worldwide. The patented Scalewatcher systems are capable of treating pipe sizes from one to 80 inches. All Scalewatcher systems come with a full performance guarantee and include free shipping throughout North America.

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