Scaling caused by hard water is one of nature’s expensive phenomenons.. But there is a totally natural solution


Courtesy of Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Scaling caused by hard water is an expensive problem .. not only do significant financial costs arise trying to prevent it or  removing the effects of it but in addition there is a huge environmental; cost to many of the treatments used against it.!

Water softeners put so much salt into the environment that they are now being banned in some parts of the USA. Chemicals, as we all know, are not good for the environment but they are the  main method of preventing scaling and carry with them hazards and dangers in their application and the  acids which can be used to remove scaling once formed are also hazardous to use and damaging to the environment.

But there is a better  way ..  a method which is rapidly being accepted by users all over the world. The Fluid Dynamics way .. using a special catalytic alloy we  can prevent scaling and in many cases remove scaling already caused. Our Colloid-A-Tron, Housetron and Scaletron products add nothing to the water and take nothing from the water.. all they do is change the form of the calcium that used to form scale making it soft and harmless.,

Look at these comments from  some users:

I installed a Housetron unit on March 17th on my house which is an old building with copper pipes. Although we didn't have much of a hardness problem here for a while now (the water quality has improved a lot in the last two years), I put it on anyway. The pipes must be a good 10-15 years old now. What a difference it has made! Pressure is up in the pipes and although we have a pressure pump, its not working as hard as before. The water cistern in one of the bathrooms which used to be very slow to fill up has had a noticeable increase in flow rate after about 3 weeks from installation date, the shower heads, taps and valves all feel smoother and looser with noticeably better flow rates and even the water quality feels better. Needless to say, everyone in the house is more than happy with the results

My challenge was unique as I was treating the inbound water supply with a costly  softener solution. I did not have a standard Water softener but rather a unit that needed to be changed out monthly at an annual cost greater than one thousand dollars. After installing the Housetron I am elated to share with any and all that the quality of our water actually increased.
If you are thinking about purchasing one…..don’t think twice!

Look at these Orders from Major Industrial and Commercial Customers:

British Government Installation .. protect pipelines pumps and valves from scaling ..complete e success
Argentine Central Bank … Protect entire hot water and air  conditioning system

Meat factory in Northern Ireland .. Eliminate scaling on steam water mixing valves savings .. thousands of dollars
Texas A&M for scale prevention in brine evaporators
Tetrapak in Jordan for packing machines… shutdowns eliminated
South American Electricity company for protecting refrigeration condensers 12” Diameter pipeline 750,000 gph treated.

What are Fluid Dynamics products  and how do they work???
Basically Fluid Dynamics has developed a very special Catalytic metal alloy that generates a minute electrical charge when immersed in water and this has the effect of neutralising the scaling tendency of Calcium carbonate which is the main component of scaling. The treatment does not take anything from the water or add anything to the water it is totally self contained and needs no wires and has no moving parts.  The System is simply plumbed into existing pipework. No ongoing maintenance is required..

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