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Scarab demonstrator retires to Bournemouth


Courtesy of Scarab Sweepers - Scarab-Fayat

Bournemouth Borough Council have just taken delivery of an ex-demonstration Scarab Merlin XP on a DAF LF45 7.5 ton chassis that has spent most of its life travelling the country showcasing the merits of Scarab single engine technology.

Bournemouth B.C having used sweepers both larger and smaller then the Scarab in the past found they needed a truck-mounted sweeper that could access some of the narrower, tighter streets and avenues the borough is famed for, but still have the cleaning performance of a larger machine; For this reason the Merlin XP was chosen as it was able to tick all of those boxes. Being an ex-demonstration model the XP is fitted with many optional features including dual sweep, sweep and wash, high pressure full width front spray bar, boost spray bars in front of the suction boxes, a triple camera system with spilt screen and many other extras too; in fact just about everything.

Key to the continued success of the single engine hydrostatic Merlin XP is its ability to maximise payload by utilising the powerful chassis engine to supply all the sweeper functions instead of using an auxiliary engine, giving the benefits of increased performance, better fuel consumption, less pollution and lower noise, all to the advantage of the operators, residents' and numerous visitors to Bournemouth alike.'

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