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Science, technology and sustainable development: a world review

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This paper explores global viewpoints on the state of science, technology and sustainable development (SD). The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of SD and why it is important, and to provoke forward thinking on the development of a more coherent approach to solving global problems related to sustainability. In doing so, a holistic approach is used to critically examine the inter-relationship between the natural, the governmental, the economic and the social dimensions of our world, and how science and technology can contribute to solutions. A framework for understanding and acting upon these solutions is presented, taking into account a variety of international, institutional and intellectual perspectives. The aim is to address growing concerns for the future of our interlocked ecological, political and economic systems in a highly populated world that is characterised by major social and economic disparities.

Keywords: science, technology, sustainable development, policy, production, consumption, environment, governments, world, developing countries, developed countries, societies

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