SCR Long-Term Durability Proven in U.S. Field Trials


In the Spring 2003 issue of Global Emissions Management,we unveiled the Compact SCRT® from Johnson Matthey. In this issue,we provide an update on SCR durability trials, taken from paper 2004-01-1289 given at the SAE 2004 World Congress in Detroit.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) has emerged as the preferred solution for achieving the Euro 4 limits, which come into force in 2005. It will also be one of the candidate technologies for Japan 2005 and USA 2007/2010 legislation. With tight limits for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) being introduced, SCR’s high NOx conversion efficiency makes it very attractive to install on trucks and buses. Whilst widely used to control emissions in stationary power plants, its durability has to be proven in mobile applications, where the conditions are more transient and very high mileages are driven.

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