Scrap Metal Prices Soaring - Time to Start Demolition

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Now may be the time for you to start that demolition project with ferrous and non ferrous metals rising to new heights.  During demolition, scrap metals such as steel, copper, stainless steel and other metals are collected for recycling.  The revenue generated by these recycling efforts can help offset the costs of demolition.  In many cases, the value of the scrap metals can be significant with a substantial credit against the demolition costs.  

Universal Wrecking Corp. provides nationwide scrap metal processing services as well as demolition and wrecking services.  We are experts in scrap recycling and utilize this experience to obtain maximum value for our client's scrap metals.  In some cases, there has been such a significant quantity of scrap metals that Universal Wrecking performed the demolition for little or no cost to the client.  In addition, some projects have so much scrap metals that Universal Wrecking has paid the client for the salvage rights.

If you have scrap metal to recycle, Universal Wrecking Corp will provide:

  • Scrap Recycling Equipment - Shears, torches, grapples, excavators, skid steers
  • OSHA Trained Personnel - demolition and recycling experts
  • Onsite Scales - this way you can be assured you are getting fairly paid

We can process and recycle onsite ferrous and non ferrous metals including steel. HMS, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel and other exotic metals and alloys.  We can provide onsite metal testing machines to help sort metals to maximize your scrap metal values.

We always pay promptly and provide scale weights.  We have stong relationships with all major scrap metal recycling mills and processors to ensure you receive the best scrap metal prices.

Please contact us for an estimate, quote or proposal. 

About Universal Wrecking Corp.

Universal Wrecking Corp. is one of the premier demolition contractor and scrap metal removal services in the United States. Demolition and recycling services include commercial and industrial demolition, interior demolition and renovations, scrap metal recycling and removal, dismantlement, tank farm and silo demolition, warehouse interior demolitions and Pallet Racking Removals, mezzanine and conveyor removals, mobile and portable onsite concrete crushing, demolition and recycling equipment rentals and wrecking.

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