Scrap Metal Recycling 2


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

This facility was mandated by the Regional Water Control Board to install a treatment system to treat the 8 gpm from their pressure washing operations. The pressure washer is used to remove the dirt mixed with oil and grease from the cranes and skip loader used in the loading and unloading of metal.

Integrated Engineers was hired to design and install (turnkey) a 100% water reuse system so the wash water from the pressure washer could be reused. The system used their existing sump and is comprised of a CFU-5 (treats at 10 gpm), post filters, and a 2,500-gallon water reuse tank. The CFU-5 uses Floccin-J and uses about 100 lbs/month to treat 40,000 gal/month. Total system installed cost was under $40,000. In 3 years of operation, the system has worked with minimal operator effort.

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