SCS - Spiral Channel Screen

Here we grow again! More new products from Arlat

Arlat releases it’s ‘SCS’ Spiral Channel Screen, for use in small channels and Septage Receiving stations.

Ready for release this year, Arlat is adding another screen design to their product line up. The SCS is designed for channels that are 2’ (24”) in width or smaller.

Arlat has received numerous call from sales representatives and existing customers looking for this addition to our product line so we thought, to steal an old adage, ‘give the people what they want’. In addition to the calls for a product line expansion, there have also been several changes to regulations regarding hauling, application and treatment of septage. In order to meet these new requirements septage receiving stations at Treatment plants have become very popular.
Septage, the informal term for hauled sewage, classifies all matter (liquids and solids) that is pumped out of septic tanks and holding tanks. Septage is raw and untreated, and must not be confused with sewage bio-solids, which is the term applied to treated municipal sewage from a sewage treatment plant (STP) that meets specific standards.
With the Arlat system you can simply screen the septage to remove non-biological solids prior to treatment; you can add de-watering of the screenings with an integrated unit on the SCS or by adding an Arlat SDP, for additional product conveyance. There are also high end options such as Ph balancing and fully automated access and billing controls.

The filter or screening section of the SCS is perforated screen with reinforcing ribs. The openings in the perforated screen can be sized to your application or a custom water jet screen can be utilized for non-standard applications. A replaceable brush material is added to the flighting in this section to continually clean the screen surface to keep the maximum amount of free space for increased flow rates.

The SCS can also be provided with an integral de-watering unit to decrease the liquid content of the discharge. An Arlat SDP can also be used to de-water the discharge as well as convey the material to a different location for depositing to a waste receptacle. Bagger options can also be taken advantage of to reduce odours and mess.

For more detailed information on the Spiral Channel Screen, Septage Receiving Station or any of the Arlat products please do not hesitate to contact the Arlat Sales / Applications department or visit our website.

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