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Sea Power 101: Notable Case Studies


Courtesy of Sea-Chem Limited

Russian Air Force Base, Eastern Germany: Land underneath this site had become contaminated over a long period of time by a mixture of lubricant oils, hydraulic fluids and aviation fuel. Following excavation, the soil was reconstituted in biopiles and applied with Sea Power 101. The vast majority of hydrocarbons were removed in the first month, and the site was fully remediated within four months.

Former Coking and Tar Works, County Durham: An area of 20,000m2 had been contaminated with heavy oils and other toxic materials at this old industrial site. Soil was excavated and placed on windrows, and treated with Sea Power 101 to accelerate the bioremediation process. The whole facility was successfully remediated after four months of treatment.

Private Property, Inverness: Following the failure of a domestic heating system, kerosene contaminated the ground underneath two private houses, producing a noxious atmosphere in one of them. Sea Power 101 was injected into the earth, along with oxygen, in a conventional in-situ process. The site was fully remediated with minimum disturbance to the residents.

Farm Land, Avonbridge, Near Bristol: Failure of a valve on a brand new tanker carrying waste oils and diesel led to significant hydrocarbon leakage on this arable land. A very large excavation was carried out, and contaminated soil was placed in windrows and treated with Sea Power 101. Full remediation of the land was possible in six months.

Ercolano, Italy: A diesel leak from an underground tank created a high level of contamination at this site. Sea Power 101 was injected into the soil in-situ. Over an initial 28-day period, the total petroleum hydrocarbon level of the site was reduced by over 80%.

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