Seal-Record in Essen, DE. case study


Courtesy of AMEX GmbH

The largest main collector within the jurisdiction of the Public Utility Company Essen has a nominal diameter of DN 3800. This main collectortown centre presented damages thatwere in need of redevelopment. After a thorough inspection, 33 leaky joints were selected for this pilot project and the company SMG Bautenschutztechnik fur Hoch und Tiefbau GmbH received the order.

Project description
The main collector is located at a depth of 9 m and is the largest sewer within the jurisdiction of the the Public Utility Company Essen, with a nominal diameter of DN 3800. When considering diverse rehabilitation options, the AMEX Sealing System was awarded the contract because on the one hand the municipal works Essen had made positive experiences with this technique in the range of DN 2000 and on the other hand the costs were predictable. The network operator demanded a complete water and dirt-free area during the AMEX installation. A custom-made bypass construction was manufactured to pump dry and clean the field of work. This innovative and individual construction created a perfect condition for installing the AMEX Seals professionally.

It allows a fast and safe working and is also more efficient than other concepts. Furthermore, the AMEX Seals and stainless steel bands were developed individual, especially for this project. In addition, the nominal diameter of DN 3800 highlights the European record so far, for this 30 year worldwide proven technology. During the installation of the sewage diversion line-construction it was important that the AMEX Seal were threaded above the bypass tubes before linking it to a complete skein. The multipiece tightening straps to fix the seals in place, could be led around the pipes afterwards. They were composed of their single elements and finally tensioned on the rubber seals.

Project Details

  • Project: Rehabilitation main
  • collector town centre Essen
  • End client: Public Utility Company Essen
  • Contractor: SMG - Bautenschutztechnik fur Hoch und Tiefbau GmbH
  • Country: Germany
  • Construction area: Town centre Essen
  • Installation period: 2014 / 18 days
  • Area of application: Main sewer
  • Number of seals: 33
  • Nominal DN (mm): 3800
  • Challenge: DN 3800

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