Sealed Air chooses UL The Wercs to replace six disparate MSDS systems - Case study


Courtesy of UL - The WERCS

The Situation

With operations in more than 60 countries, JohnsonDiversey, Inc. (JDI| is a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional and industrial marketplace. JDI serves customers in the lodging, food services, retail, health care, food and beverage sectors as well as building service contractors worldwide.

The Challenge

JDI manufactures hundreds of products at manufacturing facilities nationwide. Collectively, the company utilized six disparate material safety data sheets (MSDS} authoring systems to manage its materials compliance. As such, supporting each system created numerous inefficiencies. For example, there were multiple MSDS formats and duplicate entries were made in the legacy MSDS system. The IT skill set needed to support each individual MSDS system was diminishing. Each system had its own unique method of distributing MSDSs. Lastly, Asia-Pacific and Latin American compliance required its own solution. JDI needed a vendor that could provide one comprehensive solution to automate the authoring, managing and distributing of MSDSs.

Specifically. JDI required an MSDS solution that:

  • Provided one common global MSDS format
  • Allowed for single entry of data
  • Integrated regulatory and legislative data in one centralized system
  • Enabled a standard MSDS distribution method (i.e. e-mail, mail and/or fax}
  • Supported two ERP systems, BPCS and Oracle
  • Enabled internet and intranet access

The Response

Due to the inherent inefficiencies running six systems, JDI made consolidating to one MSDS software solution a top priority. Because JDI operated under two ERP systems, an off-the-shelf software solution was not an option. Furthermore, the company had more than several years of data which needed to be imported, converted and updated.

After careful review of several vendorsjncluding current authoring systems Atrion/Chemmate, Hazox, Lighthouse/Hetteras, JDI chose The WERCS as the global MSDS authoring, managing and distributing solution. The WERCS provided JDI advance functionality and the flexibility to be customized to meet the company's specific needs as its single MSDS authoring, managing and distributing solution.

The Result

The Wercs, Ltd. implemented a solution which enabled JDI to completely eliminate the use of the six legacy systems that were in place. The Wercs implementation team created data models to efficiently convert all legacy data, provided internet and intranet access to all MSDSs, company-wide, provided a standard method of MSDS distribution specific to customer needs and integrated the authoring module with real-time regulatory data.

Additional specifics of the implementation were:

  • Reduced IT and business maintenance costs from having a single system
  • Realized significant costs in supply chain modified manufacturing and packaging processes eliminating the insertion of MSDSs per package and container
  • Decreased costs and increased control by internally producing and distributing MSDS CD's to customers
  • Reduced data entry, user analysis and improved efficiency and accuracy of data
  • Established single, integrated data source for all formulas, BOM's raw materials and MSDS documents

In the end, JDI increased efficiency, advanced compliance, and reduced costs with the implementation of The WERCS® as its single MSDS authoring, managing and distributing solution.

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