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Let’s say you are a business owner that realizes that you need a baler or compactor for your waste handling or recycling needs.

How would you know where to look?

If you are like most people in the 21st century, you would go to the nearest browser on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  And, if you are like most people, you will use Google to perform just one of the 1.2 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a “t”) searches that take place on its site every year.

Imagine yourself, coffee in hand, next to your device, ready to search for a baler.  You press “enter” and are surprised to see the mixed bag of organic and paid search results that appear on your screen!  You are presented with everything from agricultural balers to pine straw balers, industrial balers of all shapes and sizes, and even a place in the Philippines called Baler Bay.

Frustrating.  All you wanted was a recycling baler for your business.

Let’s say you did see an industrial baler that looked like something you might need and you click on the listing only to be taken to a page that does not fit your needs.  Sound familiar?

That’s because web pages are optimized for one keyword or phrase.  The keyword you enter might cue up a web page or URL that doesn’t align to what you are actually looking for.

Search Smarter

Harmony has spent quite a bit of time researching what our customers are searching for, and how they search for it.  This has helped us to align our keywords with appropriate products, taking you to the landing page of what it is you actually need faster, so you can get your solution in a timely manner.

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