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ISO 9001 is the most important quality management system in use today. A company that holds ISO 9001 is telling its customers and the world that it has a top quality management system and is totally committed to quality products and services. Companies that go through the process find that profits increase thanks to opening up market opportunities. Also costs reduce due to improving efficiency.

In any business concerned about security, controlling the flow of materials and information is a process driven, supply chain operation with customer focus.

International standards, like ISO9001 and ISO27001 (Information Security) are respected worldwide, and many prospective customers now require their suppliers (and their suppliers’ suppliers) to have ISO certification.

The ISO 9001 process requires the business to take an objective look at its systems and processes. It streamlines and documents them. It identifies where efficiencies can be made to drive up profits and lower operating costs. There’s a training and motivational benefit too as staff will better understand how the organization works.

ISO27001 is a management system that identifies, manages and minimizes a range of threats to business information. It provides guidelines for implementing a constructive risk management process, setting up policies, and ensuring a secure infrastructure is in place. Working on the same principle as the ISO standards, ISO27001 follows the successful Plan- Do-Check-Act model. Existing systems are incorporated. Companies that hold the ISO27001 standard are proclaiming that they have taken all reasonable measures to minimize risks and prevent unauthorized use of both company and customers’ data.

Achieving ISO standards can be seen as two-step process. First, examine and refine your existing processes to reach the Standard. Second, once you have Certification, include it in your marketing to show your customers your dedication to quality management and looking after secure information.

Your company probably already has a system for doing business that is already effective, but is perhaps informal and undocumented. The ISO process starts from your existing systems, is flexible and grows with your business. Changes and additions need only be made if required to meet the standard. It is advisable to work with an ISO specialist company who can guide you through the process in a way that is both time and cost efficient. Look for one that offers a fixed fee and fixed timescale plus experience of your industry sector.

Quality and information Security systems help companies by:
• opening doors to tenders restricted to Certified suppliers
• increasing customer confidence
• demonstrating that information is valued and protected
• reducing costs because quality systems mean less waste
• being already in place when the company expands
• increasing employee morale as a by product of high confidence in the company.

In any organization, ISO standards give customers a high degree of confidence and assists in keeping the organization ahead of its competitors.

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